secular voluntary organization. ATAL Foundation believes in effective social networking of available and requisite resources, through integrated planning and community participation. ATAL Foundation aims at an all-inclusive human development.

ATAL Foundation is inspired by upholding truth in all its endeavors to target harmonious human development for all sections and strata of the society. It operates through a set combination strategy, which includes research, interpretation of findings, designing practical strategies and effective implementation to achieve desired goals.

The organization bselieves in providing a concrete platform to work towards an integrated development model. It explores grassroots level realities, through intensive teamwork approach, need assessment studies, baseline surveys, and research. The in-depth insight thus gained helps us to verify and recognize the problems, and function as motivator and facilitator in creating an enabling environment. The organization tries to diagnose the root cause of the problems amidst different sections of the society for effective planning and future course of action.